Lima’s edges, Cuzco’s glory

Maria and I were able to go to Cuzco for a few days, primarily to see my host sister of 2012, Ruth Yabar Portillo, and her daughter Ceci, son Coco, and new little kids, Indira and Carlos. Indira and Carlos lost their dad, Ruth’s brother, to a terrible lung disease and lack of good medical care. Their mother left them when they were little.  Their dad was everything to them. Now they have Mama Ruth, Papa Waldo, and instant big brother and sister Ceci and Coco. And they have a new refrigerator, because sisters Susan and Maria got them one.  And we all went to Saksayhuaman, pressed our bodies into the miraculous stones of the seventh cradle of civilization. Maria is back in Seattle now, and I am back at work in Lima. The Cuzco book, regarding the spectacular re enactments of the Inti Raymi and The Pachamama Raymi will have to wait until after the Callao Contract and Yuyachkani.  All in good time.  Stones are forever.  IMG_4285IMG_4094IMG_4309IMG_4268IMG_4083.JPGIMG_4201.JPGIMG_4248.jpg


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