Yuyachkani ROCKS the World, Not Just Me

More images, preshow, during the extensive preparation for the theatre, to transform it from the presentation format of Cartas de Chimbote, into the gallery of history, testimony, graphic evidence, propaganda, documentation, and installation, of Sin Titulo.  These are NOT photos of the performance, but rather, of load-in. I have seen the Wooster Group, Arianne Mnouchkine’s […]

Yuyachkani ROCKS my world

Not since the Edinburgh Festival of 1981, when I had a chance to see Tadeusz Kantor’s brilliant national theatre, have I seen a piece of theatre that MOVED me and its  audience the way YUYACHKANI’S SIN TITULA: TECNICA MIXTA did last night at the opening night of its remounted production.  The company of founding members […]

Lima’s edges, Cuzco’s glory

Maria and I were able to go to Cuzco for a few days, primarily to see my host sister of 2012, Ruth Yabar Portillo, and her daughter Ceci, son Coco, and new little kids, Indira and Carlos. Indira and Carlos lost their dad, Ruth’s brother, to a terrible lung disease and lack of good medical […]