The Archives

  My archives are the General Archives of the Nation, and they are housed in a colonial era building in the center of Lima, old Lima. Though the entrance is a very elegant and you walk through a very picturesque arcade full of small merchants selling small things– once you enter the archive the romance […]

At a cafe in downtown Lima

Come with me to find the very best lunch downtown, where you anlyze pay between 3 and 4 dollars at the most for a full meal of your choice.  Find your way through the the saltados, chicharrones, ceviches, finas, pescados, hundreds of amazing desserts and drinks from pisco mixes to chicha morada, a cold sweet […]


A place of beautiful people, doing their very best to live at the Oceanside in Lima.  An artist’s enclave, a tourist draw, at least younger tourists, the center of mural art for Lima, and one of the communities on the coast of Lima.  10 degrees cooler than downtown in this sweltering summer time, and the […]